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How do I know if I need counselling?  This can only be your decision but looking at my Issues Helped page may help you decide.

Why don't people just talk to friends and relatives? Many people talk to friends and relatives when they feel distressed but for some this is just not possible. Perhaps the problem upsets the other person too much or it may feel too embarrassing to talk about to them. Sometimes the other person is involved in the situation too. Some people readily give advice without really hearing your story, while you know that others may gossip. I can help you to explore your concerns more objectively, lessen your distress and find a way through problems in a confidential context.

Can I refer myself to you? Yes, just email or phone Karen. Just to mention - I am unable to take bookings for appointments from a relative or friend who may wish to help you.

What happens during a first counselling session? The assessment session is a chance for you and your counsellor to meet, discuss your concerns and plan for the future.  Occasionally, if a different kind of help would be more appropriate, I can provide specialist referral information.

Will I feel better straight away? Many people report feeling a sense of relief at having talked about their problems, been listened to and understood. However, it is important to build upon this with further work. In later sessions, people can notice small changes along the way whilst others can make sudden, big leaps forward. Some notice the changes in themselves whilst for others, it is their partners and friends who notice a positive change. Everyone has a different experience of counselling.

How often will I see my counsellor? In order to establish a firm foundation, to begin with, this is usually once a week.  After that, sessions can be spaced out until you decide to end.

How many sessions will counselling take? This depends on the issue or concern that you bring to counselling and on you as an individual.  This will be discussed with you during your assessment session and reviewed throughout the counselling work.  Some people come to counselling for a short time (2-6 sessions) whereas others may benefit from longer work.  I offer both short-term and open-ended counselling.

Does counselling  work for everyone? No therapeutic approach work for every person and for all problems.  However, I am trained and experienced in working with a diverse range of people, situations and concerns.  

What if I’m still unsure? I am happy to have an informal chat via email or phone. If I am not available to answer your phone call in person, I have a confidential answer-machine on which you can leave a message to call you back should you wish.